Saturday, May 19, 2007

Measured In Angles - History Of The Engine

专辑名称:History Of The Engine
歌手姓名:Measured In Angles
唱片公司:Tragicomedy Records
发行日期:May 16, 2007
专辑流派:Instrumental Rock
文件内容:179kbps 63.7MB

01. Combustion
02. S-T Compression
03. Reification
04. The Diderot Effect
05. Axiom Or The Truth That Drives Us
06. Glacial Concrete
07. Karmacinogenics
08. Suburban Bliss
09. Class Warfare
10. Minerva's Owl

Measured In Angles is a four-piece rock band including members from both sides of the American/Canadian border. Windsor Ontario and Detroit Michigan represent a sort of high-water mark in the relationship between man and his engines, in as much as it’s own geographical history is tied to the automotive industry. It would be untrue to suggest that the sort of malaise that permeates any area so heavily indebted to toil and life-destroying labor has not had an impact on the sound. Measured In Angles is in some sense the sound of gears turning and assembly lines trundling along, performed on traditional rock instruments. Loud, repetitive and dense. There is no pretense here to suggest a fondness for the trappings of indie rock ‘artistry’. It just is what it is and makes no claims to being anything other than that.


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