Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The FakeHunters - Blue Soul

专辑名称:The Resistance
歌手姓名:The FakeHunters
专辑流派:Hip-Hop / Jazz
文件内容:mp3 vbr 54.3mb

01. 3:30am (feat. Kronis The Ill)
02. Look For Me (feat. Melodiq)
03. Mass Transit (feat. Leaf Erikson & Asylum7)
04. Need To Learn (feat. Lakai)
05. Dadz' Interlude
06. Show Me Some Love (feat. Melodiq)
07. Kronis Rocks The Beat Again (feat. Kronis The Ill)
08. Sax Man Blues (feat. J Sands Of Lone Catalysts & Ethemadassassin)
09. California Winter (feat. Rey Resurreccion & Justbrea)
10. Stranger
11. Kane (feat. Co$$)
12. K'N'K' Interlude
13. Remember It All (feat. Lakai)
14. Don't Let The Smooth Taste Fool You (feat. Ethemadassassin & Meta4 The Great)
15. Faith (feat. Pricetag)
16. Nolive' Interlude
17. Life's Struggles (feat. PDR)
18. Summer Night (feat. Nesrine Ghalmi)



Anonymous said...

password word needed, may i know the password?

joeysis said...

pw: ill-phil

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot!