Thursday, June 11, 2009

Falty DL - Love Is A Liability

专辑名称:Love Is A Liability
歌手姓名:Falty DL
唱片公司:Planet Mu
专辑流派:Dubstep / Electronic / Hip-Hop / Soul
文件内容:mp3 vbr 115mb

Love Is a Liability is fresh like a Glade Plug-In in a room of smokers: post-garage ambience; round, warm melodies; and skippy two-step beats like it's 1999 again. This nostalgic record is immersed in the old New York and Chicago sounds. Lustman, a former sushi chef, has created a more subtle, futuristic Big Apple version, mashing together influences from hip hop, dubstep, soul, and electronica. Opener "Human Meadow" is a prime example of Falty's bouncy, two-step, melody-driven style. "The Shape to Come" shows off his electronic infulences with Jega / u-Ziq-esque melodies, while tracks like "Paradise Lost" and "Our Loss" display his melancholy side, with bittersweet yearnings of chopped-up vocals and bleeps.

01. Human Meadow
02. Dionysos
03. Encompass
04. Winter Sole
05. To New York
06. The Shape Has Come
07. Our Loss
08. Truth
09. Eniua
10. Anxiety
11. Pink On The Inside
12. Paradise Lost
13. The Shape To Come


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