Monday, April 14, 2008

Naoki Kenji - Less Ordinary

专辑名称:Less Ordinary
歌手姓名:Naoki Kenji
发行日期:April 9, 2008
专辑流派:Easy Listening / Lo-Fi
文件内容:mp3 vbr 79.2mb

After a 2 Year period of pause Naoki Kenji is presenting his 7th Longplayer named “Less ordinary”. This CD contains more vocalfeatures as previous releases of german-japanese soundgenius. On this album again he has invited several vocalguests such as frontlady Pat Appleton (De-Phazz) on the track “Modern Unreal”, or the wellknown Nu-Jazz Formation “Jazzamor”. Beside this, Kenji did 2 songs with the known producer/songwriter Torsten Stenzel - “Tonight” and “Into the deep Sea”.

01. Less Ordinary
02. Yume No Youni
03. Tonight (with Asheni)
04. Waved
05. Don't Know The Words
06. Lost
07. Into The Deep Sea
08. Modern Unreal (with Pat Appleton)
09. Sunset Beach Club
10. Aijo Ga Nakunatta (with Jazzamor)
11. Area Unexplored (with Climatic)


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