Monday, November 5, 2007

Endorphin - Soon After Silence

专辑名称:Soon After Silence
唱片公司:Endorphin Music
发行日期:Oct 28, 2007
专辑流派:Trip-Hop / Electronic / Ambient
文件内容:mp3 vbr 66.3MB

Endorphins latest album "Soon After Silence" is a musical journey travelling a diverse terrain. It is a multi-layered soundscape rich in texture and meaning. The title track "Soon after Silence" reflects the Parisian life Endorphin once led. The sounds echo the walks through the streets of Paris and embodies many of the innovative and emotional qualities that is Endorphin signature.

01 Lila
02 Brooklyn
03 Every Moment
04 Soon After Silence
05 Angels
06 Gate 23
07 Spring Interlude
08 Point Blank
09 Touch
10 Nightime Butterfly
11 Bastille
12 Dawn
13 Shibuya
14 Glenrowan


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