Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Yellowcard - Paper Walls

专辑名称:Paper Walls
唱片公司:Capitol Records
发行日期:July 10, 2007
专辑流派:Punk Rock
文件内容:mp3 vbr 79.5MB

The album title Paper Walls comes from the song of the same name, which begins "Let's burn a hole so we can climb out of these paper walls in this empty house." It's a reference to the barriers that built up between the band members over the years and everyone's desire to tear down the obstacles and heal old scars.
"If you really love each other as much as we do, you want to knock those walls down and get back to the place where you enjoy being with each other and making music together," says Key. "The song is basically saying let’s get back out there and remember why this is important to us, why we love being on stage and why we love making records."

01. Takedown
02. Fighting
03. Shrink the World
04. Keeper
05. Light Up the Sky
06. Shadows and Regrets
07. Five Becomes Four
08. Afraid
09. Date Line (I Am Gone)
10. Dear Bobbie
11. You and Me and One Spotlight
12. Cut Me, Mick
13. Paper Walls


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