Monday, June 4, 2007

The Twang - Love It When I Feel Like This

专辑名称:Love It When I Feel Like This
歌手姓名:The Twang
发行日期:June 1, 2007
文件内容:mp3 vbr 96.3MB

The Twang release what can only be described as their hugely anticipated debut album, 'Love It When I Feel Like This'. Recorded with long term producer Gavin Monahan at his Magic Garden Studios in Wolverhampton and mixed by Mark ‘Spike’ Stent at Olympic Studios, 'Love It When I Feel Like This' follows their debut single, 'Wide Awake' which crashed into the UK charts at number 15. As with all "overnight successes" The Twang are not the product of six months work. When guitarist Stu Hartland became the last to join two years ago, the band had already put in three years of demoing, gigging, chasing Noel Gallagher across the Glastonbury fields to try and give him a demo. It is testament to their belief in themselves that they got this far.

01. Ice Cream Sundae
02. Wide Awake
03. The Neighbour
04. Either Way
05. Push The Ghosts
06. Reap What You Sow
07. Loosely Dancing
08. Two Lovers
09. Don't Wait Up
10. Got Me Sussed
11. Cloudy Room
01. Wide Awake (Acoustic Version)
02. Cloudy Room (Napster Session)
03. Either Way (Streets Remix Feat. Professor Green)
04. Ice Cream Sundae (Live At Doncaster Dome)
05. Cloudy Room (Live At Doncaster Dome)


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