Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Kool And The Gang - Still Kool

专辑名称:Still Kool
歌手姓名:Kool And The Gang
唱片公司:New Door Records
发行日期:July 10, 2007
文件内容:mp3 vbr 104.1MB

Throughout the years, Kool & The Gang have made music we've danced to, loved to, and been awed by, and their musical brotherhood is still strong. The celebration continues with their latest album, STILL KOOL, which is rich with good vibes, serious messages, signature horns, rockin' guitar, beautiful ballads and jammin' new grooves, and it shows why Kool & The Gang remain as relevant and contemporary as ever.

01. Dave
02. Steppin' Into Love
03. America
04. What's Happening Brother
05. It Is What It Is
06. Everything's Gonna Change
07. Too Low For Zero
08. Bang Bang With The Gang
09. Made For Love
10. Give It Up
11. Trust Me
12. Miracles
13. Livin' In The 21
14. Sorry
15. Someone Like You
16. Sailing (Instrumental)
17. Party People
18. Medley: Celebration / Ladies Night / Get Down On It

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